Cashless O.P.D for students near Schools/ Residence at Network Doctors. The financial burden of the parents. No other company gives cashless facility for OPD or any other treatment taken at local clinic. R.H.D health care provided this services facility exclusively for the school student. Due to this facility any parent can get health care treatment for his/her child in a local or nearby clinic. This facility can be availed even if there is any illness, accident or injury to the child at home, school or anywhere.


Health check-up camps are conducted twice a year. General health check-up camp for ear, nose, throat and eyes. Special health check-up camp is conducted for female students also. Doctor will advise the parents about the child with with regards to his/her health and also how to take proper care of the child.


Awareness programme and seminars areorganised for health and nutrition issues of children.


Medicare card is issued to every student which includes medical history of the students, any allergy and also his / her blood group. This medical history and data will be available to school as well as parents. The health card has a unique card number by which student health data will be accessed by the doctors in case of illness, accident or emergency. This medical data will also be available to the schools, hospitals and parents.


To Provide best in class nursing care services to students which will be available at school timing ; This will help to tackle emergencies in school timing.


Fully equipped ambulance with oxygen monitor and other necessary aids at school premises in working hours.


Accidental Inusrance
Student and one parent will be covered. Accidental Expenses Rs. 25000/- In case of parent Accidental death Rs 2 lakh. In case of students Accidental death Rs 1 Lakhs. In case of Disability claim According to % of Disability.
Mediclaim Inusrance
Insurance worth as 1 lakhs for student with cashless card applicable all over India in network hospitals applicable from the first day.


By providing well equipped sickbay in school with all necessary equipments and material for students health.